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13/06/2016 15:21

Main Server and Name Servers IP Addresses Change

Important notification: 13/06/2016 14:35 GMT

We are currently transferring our main sites and to a different server IP addresses from (old IP) to (new IP). We are also changing our nameservers IPs from (old IP) to (new IP) and from (old IP) to (new IP). Unless you have some custom and rare setup (Example: using our name servers IPs numerical values instead of our nameservers hostname values) these changes will not affect your site or any of your services with us (DNS, mail, FTP, MySQL etc.). You do need to make any related changes or adjustments.

This is urgent and necessary in order to upgrade our DNS Anti-DDOS protection to 200Gbit/s and up to 200 million packets per second. Even though you are currently hosted on a DDOS protected shared hosting server and your site/s IP is protected there is still a potential threat of a nameservers targeted DDOS attack that could still cause a denial of service. Thus we are taking the necessary measures to avoid any such future issues.
Feel free to send us an email to or open a trouble ticket if you have any questions or you are experiencing any issues with the new server IPs.

NOTE: Service downtime is not expected since both our old server and and new server will be available simultaneously. We advise to make sure that in the next few days (usually up to 72 hours maximum) when you access or to check if they already resolve to the new server IP address instead of the old IP address On this link you can find further instructions on how to do that. We will also be checking our old server for messages that might have been redirected there in the early hours of the transfer due to DNS propagation in order to avoid any loss of communication.

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