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If you would like to transfer your domain name to (change domain name registrar and not necessary change of hosting provider) you should do the following:
1. Please make sure that your domain is registered more than 60 days ago as due to registry limitations domains that are registered less than 60 days ago cannot be transferred to another domain registrar.
2. Expired domain names cannot be transferred. Make sure that there more than 10-15 days prior to the domain expiration as the transfer process usually takes a few days and if a domain name expires it cannot be transferred unless renewed with the old registrar first.
3. Go to your current registrar and request the domain's EPP Key/Authorization Code/Auth Code - different domain registrars may call it differently. Inside your domain registrar control panel there should be an option to send your self an email messages containing that Key/Code.
4. Unlock your domain from your domain registrar control panel. There should be an option like "registrar lock: On/Off" please choose "Off".
5. Disable whois protection or domain name privacy protection if you have any.
6. Visit and order the domain name transfer. The cost is the regular fee of a domain name registration. Note that this will change your domain registrar to us and will also extend the expiration date of the transferred domain with one additional year. If you do not want to make any payment for the domain then you should probably just host the domain  with us. For more information on the difference between domain transfer and domain registration please see
7. 24 hours after you have paid for the domain transfer you should have received a transfer approval email from which instructions you should follow in order for the transfer to be completed successfully. This approval email will be sent to the domain administrative/registrant email address, so it is best to check if you have access to this email account if you do not please make sure that you edit your whois information through your current registrar domain control panel. To verify your administrative/registrant email address you may use public database sites like
After initiating all the steps above you should wait for 5-10 days for the transfer to be completed. You can verify that by again checking
Let us know if you have any other questions.

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